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If you haven’t had to build a resume in many years, it can be daunting to determine how to distill your achievements into a powerful yet concise document. Personnel 2000 can help!

Similarly, if you’ve sent resumes out regularly but haven’t seen the kind of response you’d like, we can show you how to turn the situation around.

For executive job-search documents to be effective, they need to be focused and in sync with employer needs in today’s market. You must know your career focus in order to properly frame your experience and successes. You have to know what information is critical to include succinctly and what to exclude. This holds true for all job-search documents.

Personnel 2000 can help you with all your executive job-search

document needs:

  • Strategic Positioning Resume—One-of-a-kind, focused document for your unique background to effectively position you for your next career move
  • Focused Career Marketing Letters—An essential companion to your resume, letters are read by the majority of recruiters and employers
  • Leadership Success Stories—Showcases your top 3-4 career-defining leadership initiatives relevant to a particular employer and enables you to position yourself above the competition
  • Executive Career Biographies—Often requested by executive recruiters, bios provide detailed information in a narrative format to showcase your unique career history
  • LinkedIn and other e-Networking Profile—A Job Search 2.0 tool to help you achieve digital distinction in today’s competitive job market
  • One-Page Networking Resume—A great tool to use in networking conversations, recruiters and employers who seek a one-page snapshot of your background
  • Reference Document—Guides interviewers to ask your references questions that emphasize your successes
  • Compensation Performance Document—Reinforces your accomplishments with required salary history

Along with relieving you from the stress of resume and letter creation, we’ll craft compelling and branded resumes, letters and other documents that effectively:

  • Emphasize your unique promise of value and personal brand
  • Present your success stories so they are meaningful and relevant to employers
  • Showcase your pivotal strengths, expertise and potential
  • Bring your talents to life in a way that will make employers eager to meet you

Once crafted, your executive resume and other career documents are emailed to you in both Microsoft® Word and TEXT format (for electronic applications and other online purposes)

Easy Straightforward Convenient 

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