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Personnel 2000 Executive Recruitment and Search Services has developed a reputation for being a value-added "Best in Practice" executive search firm by bringing professionalism, quality, and integrity to the recruiting process.

Sourcing the best offshore talent for financial service and legal industries, our experienced recruiters are prepared to meet any of your hiring needs. When you hire our executive recruitment services, we make it a point to identify, attract and screen the top offshore talent available before presenting you with a list of the most qualified candidate for your position vacancies.

Personnel 2000 Executive Recruitment and Search Services will benefit you by utilizing our "Best in Practice" approach to finding candidates:

  • In Depth Candidate Sourcing - We have an extensive network of local, regional, and international sourcing channels that allow us to secure the best talent available for your organization no matter where they are located. We spend hours each day calling prospective candidates and networking with sources to find the most qualified and skilled candidates in the industry.
  • Professional Association Targets - Through professional associations pertinent to a search, we pro-actively solicit candidates meeting key criteria. We also tap into literally hundreds of user groups that focus on topics ranging anywhere from Offshore Trust Professionals to Oxford University Alumni. Each of these venues offers excellent opportunities for sourcing top professional and executive talent.
  • Database Sourcing - Our candidate database is in its 6th year of development and is searchable using one of the most sophisticated algorithms available. This is not just a warehouse of old outdated resumes, but rather a repository of some of the best professional talent around the world.
  • Web 2.0 Technologies - In addition to targeted website and job board advertising, our recruiters are highly skilled at using social networking and media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to locate both active and passive talent. We also use a host of sophisticated web search techniques on Google, Bing, and Yahoo to establish new recruiting channels and source candidates.

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