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Bermuda Overview

“The jewel of the Atlantic, Bermuda is unique...the island is prettier than you can imagine; flowers, pink sand, and incredible turquoise blue water.”

Quick Facts:
Population:approx 61,000
Currency:Bermudian Dollar (1BMD:1USD)
Payroll tax:4.75%
Time Zone:Atlantic (UTC-4)


Bermuda is the UK’s oldest overseas territory located 650 miles east of North Carolina. Bermuda is less than 2 hours from most airports on the Eastern seaboard and less than 7 hours from the UK. It is made up of 181 islands which fits into a cozy 21 sq miles, most are uninhabited but the 8 larger islands are connected by bridges.


The climate in Bermuda is remarkably pleasant with seldom extremes of either heat or cold. The hottest part of the year is between May and October when temperatures range between 23C - 29C. During the winter months the temperature averages roughly 21C. The summer months are somewhat drier but rainfall is spread fairly evenly throughout the year. Hurricanes are not as prevalent in Bermuda as they are in the Caribbean.

Culture & Lifestyle

Bermuda’s culture is a unique blend of British colonial history and African heritage. The British influence is particularly strong; when you arrive it won’t be long until you see a British Bobby directing traffic or locals discussing a cricket match.

The islands geography and climate make it an ideal location to pursue outdoor activities; golf (courses account for 17% of the islands), cycling, running, tennis, rugby, soccer, and let’s not forget the cricket.

With 75 miles of beautiful coastline, stunning pink beaches, and turquoise blue water it is no surprise that Bermuda is a water sport lovers paradise; wreck and reef diving, water-skiing, snorkeling (in the Bermuda Triangle), kayaking, or dropping anchor and enjoying a cold beer - there are endless opportunities.

Bermuda Shorts

A matter of local pride, Bermuda shorts are worn by businessmen and businessmen only. Join in the tradition and flash some thigh but there are rules to follow. Real Bermudas are characterized by their fabric and styling, worn 3 inches above the knee and with knee high socks, shirt, tie and blazer. They can be worn in the office, in restaurants, golfing, fishing, even weddings and funerals.

Bermuda shorts are a way of life.

Accommodation & Getting Around

Most employers will arrange temporary accommodation for anything up to your first month in Bermuda. However, accommodation can be quite expensive; a rough guide to rentals is below.

Single family property$4500/month
3 bed apartment$5500/month
2 bed apartment$3500/month
1 bed apartment$2400/month

Bermuda has an excellent public transport system, buses and ferries run regularly and largely on time. Otherwise scooters are the most popular mode of transport for individuals. One of the benefits of living in Bermuda is the short commutes; given the size of the islands you will never have to go far.


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