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Guernsey Overview

Guernsey retains much of its traditional charm alongside the identity of a modern and vibrant British island.

Quick Facts:
Population: approx 65’000
Capital St Peter Port
Currency Pound Sterling (GBP)
Income tax 20%
Time Zone GMT


Guernsey is located in St Malo Bay, 30 miles from the French coast and 70 miles from the southern coast of Great Britain. Guernsey has a total area of 25 sq miles.


The climate is temperate with mild wet winters and warm drier summers. Although it has been known to snow in Guernsey the temperature rarely drops below freezing.

Culture & Lifestyle

Guernsey has a rich history and a heritage strongly linked to the sea with traditional industries including fishing, shipbuilding and merchant trade. Guernsey’s location close to the French coast and allegiance to Britain means that the culture is a unique mix of the best of British and European cultures. This ensures that you will enjoy a truly relaxing way of life.

The island itself is extremely charming, rolling countryside, rugged cliffs, small coves and sandy beaches. The warmer climate makes it the perfect spot to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, however active or relaxing as you choose to make it. You will also be spoilt for choice of bars, pubs, and restaurants catering to the widest of tastes. Guernsey is particularly well known for its excellent seafood.

Guernsey Jumper

The Guernsey sweater came into being as a garment for seamen, fishermen who ventured as far as the new world, who required a warm, hard wearing, yet comfortable item of clothing that would resist the sea spray.

The knitting industry has existed in the Channel Islands since the 16th century….400 years later the Guernsey is still going strong!

Accommodation & Getting Around

Due to the small size of the Island and the density of the population, there are strict controls on who may occupy dwellings on Guernsey.

There are two sectors of housing in Guernsey which are known as the "Local Market" and "Open Market". Unfortunately such tight controls do mean that property prices and rent can be fairly expensive. Employers do take this into consideration and will offer assistance finding suitable accommodation.

Cars, motorcycles, and bicycles are all popular in Guernsey and commutes will be minutes rather than hours. The island is also well served by an extensive network of bus routes that access most parts of the island. Taxis are also available to hire.


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