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Jersey Overview

Jersey is officially the sunniest place in the British Isles

Quick Facts:
Population: approx 98’000
Capital: St Helier
Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP)
Income tax: 20%
Time Zone: GMT


Jersey is a British Crown Dependency located roughly 100 miles south of Great Britain. It is the most southerly of the British Isles and is in fact much closer to France being only 14 miles from the coast of Normandy.

Although the largest of the Channel Islands Jersey is compact at just 46 sq miles, but Jersey crams in a surprisingly varied landscape and stunning natural beauty. Dramatic coastline, magnificent cliffs, sandy beaches, unspoiled countryside, and quaint villages.


The weather in Jersey is similar to the south coast of England, although reliably warmer and sunnier. The climate is temperate with mild wet winters and warm drier summers. Jersey enjoys the most annual sunshine in the whole British Isles.

Culture & Lifestyle

Jersey is steeped in a rich history which is evident as you travel around the island. Due to the island’s location between England and France, for centuries it has held strategic military importance, until as recently as WWII. Hard to imagine given the peaceful and tranquil nature of the island nowadays.

Jersey is reflective of an eclectic blend of French and English influences. Outside of the office this sunny island also has plenty to offer. You will be amazed by the pristine white beaches, beautiful countryside, harbours, historic buildings, parks, glitzy shops, and ritzy restaurants. There is no shortage of activities and an improved work life balance will give you the opportunity to take full advantage.

Jersey Cows

Jersey cows have a docile nature and are intelligent. They produce more pounds of milk per pound of body weight than any other breed.

Accommodation & Getting Around

Jersey has very strict housing laws which determine who can buy and rent property. Most professionals relocating to Jersey will be granted ‘j category’ consent which will allow them to buy or rent certain property.

Getting around Jersey is incredible easy. Many people drive and there is ample parking availability in St Helier. However, a word of caution, some of the country lanes are extremely narrow, so watch out for cyclists and horse riders! Otherwise there is an excellent public transport system with 19 different bus routes all beginning or ending in St Helier.

Jersey also enjoys fantastic international connections with regular flights to London and regional UK airports as well continental Europe. If you are looking for a more leisurely journey you may consider taking one of the ferries which run between the UK and France.


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